The Troubling Connection Between Substance Abuse and Veterans

The challenges facing uniformed service members when they come home is enormous. They risk so much and get so little in return. Many vets return to America with trauma to their bodies and their mind. Untreated PTSD and/or chronic pain is a recipe for trouble vis-à-vis substance abuse, depression, and suicide.


Vets Helping Vets

If you’re a vet who is struggling with PTSD, please find a peer support group. A list of some places to find one is available here. In the field, soldiers are required to push their bodies and minds to the extreme. Finding a group of people who understand some what you’ve been through and can validate it is important.


Pain Management and Vets

Whether you are suffering from a physical injury or a mental illness as a result of your service, be cautious with medication. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take medication, but it means be careful. PTSD, depression, and painkillers are a dangerous combination and so have a careful talk with your doctor about what is best for you.


The Dangers of Self-Medication

Many veterans don’t seek or are unable to attain proper mental and physical healthcare in America. As a result, this leads many to self-medicating with alcohol and drugs. Self-medication is when a person attempts to treat their pain through substances not prescribed by a doctor. Self-medicating may offer short-term relief, but it is no substitute for proper professional medical care. What’s worse, extended use of self-medication, be it beer, liquor, pot, opioids, or anything else fails to treat the root cause of your problems and may make things way worse in time.


If you are a veteran who is in need of help, there are options available. If you are in Florida and need help with drug or alcohol rehab please contact us today to find out what options are available.

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