The Sunshine of His Love by Peter Marinelli

From the center of my soul a flower grows inside me

A love that makes me whole, a budding love that sets me free.

And in my troubled times this warmth of life consoles me.

The sunshine of His love that heals my heart that lets me be.

And in the springtime of my life, a gentle rain enfolds me.

To cleanse my saddened heart to refresh my labored soul.

In the sweetness of the wind, again His warmth will console me

The sunshine of His love that heals my heart, that lets me be.

Mt Father shines for me

I am part of His creation.

The mystery of His love, so great none could compare.

A gentle wave of is hand,

He lifts me high upon a mountain.

And soon joy fills my heart, as from a playful mountain stream.

-M. Scott Peck-


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

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