The Relationship Between Drugs and Media

The Relationship between drugs and the media

The Relationship Between Drugs and Media

The depiction of drug and alcohol use is everywhere in the media. These days, you can’t turn on the TV or go on the Internet without seeing or reading about drug and alcohol use. It’s on the news, it’s shown on TV shows, it’s discussed at large in print media and publications. It’s even shown in movies. For someone struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, it can be tough to go about daily activities without it being seen. Thanks to the popularity of social media, it has even made its way to our favorite networking sites and apps. Unfortunately though, because the depiction of drug and alcohol use is so common now, it is has left many in our society desensitized to the notion of drug and alcohol abuse. Let’s take a look at the correlation between drug addiction and the media, specifically social media and how it can be both good and bad.

The Negatives Of Drug Addiction And Social Media

Teens are more like to abuse these drugs when active on social mediaThe age of technology has been advancing over the last two decades at a fast pace. Almost every area of an individual’s life is involved in some part of social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. Go on your favorite social media platform and chances are, before too long, you will come across some pictures of friends you know having a good time. Most of the time there is some kind of substance in those pictures whether it be alcohol, or another altering substance.

The danger with social media is, the incomplete picture it delivers. Social media offers you a highlight reel of the best moments. It delivers a skewed perspective on other’s lives as well as the activities they are participating in. While this must not seem like a big deal to you, imagine someone who has a substance abuse problem seeing those pictures. If you are someone who is dealing with drug or alcohol problems, seeing photos and videos posted by friends, loved ones, strangers, and celebrities are all over social media using alcohol or drugs in a fun manner can be a very bad thing. Not only is there the pressure to want to “fit in” and join the fun, but seeing everyone drinking and having a good time might make that person want to start using again. They might think, “I can have just one drink with the boys, what is it going to hurt?” Well, unfortunately for those addicted to drugs and alcohol, one is all it takes for that person to spiral out of control.

Going through an addiction rehab can help you prepare to live and alcohol-free, even when seeing pictures of friends having fun, drinking or doing drugs. For the thousands who are in recovery, it is important to actively remove certain people and accounts from your timeline. Seeing images on a regular basis of people using alcohol or marijuana can wear you down over time and even affect you subconsciously. Having these images in front of you every day will only have a negative effect on your recovery. Even though you may have to remove certain friends from social media, your recovery must come first.

Teens have seen their peers using drugs on social mediaThere’s also the potential for seeing these “fun” pictures leading to an addiction. While some people might have addiction in their family or have addictive personalities, many people don’t learn that they have an addiction problem until they try it for the first time. So, that picture of everyone having fun drinking and doing drugs could actually influence someone to try said alcohol or drug for the first time. That, then, has the potential to lead to an addiction later on down the line. At that point, you have someone addicted to drugs or alcohol because they saw other people doing it and it looked like a good time. Youth also look up to musicians, actors, and social media influencers and are often influenced to try drugs from their social posts, music, or online media. The drug culture is very prominent in rappers and musicians who glamorize drugs like xanax, marijuana, codeine, painkillers, and binge drinking. However, when you listen to older musicians talk about their drug and alcohol use, they always talk about its destructive nature. Unfortunately, most people need to learn this hard lesson on their own and they end up promoting drug and alcohol use for years as they get popular and live inside the “rock and roll” culture.

Then there’s the issue of teenage influence. Children and teenagers are influenced greatly by what they see on TV and on the Internet. That same picture you saw of your friends on the Internet having drinks at the bar? Well, a child or teenager might see that and immediately want to emulate that lifestyle because they see you as a role model. This can lead to alcohol dependency at a young age or even addiction.

Lately, vaping nicotine has become an epidemic among teenagers. Products like the”Juul”, have made vaping very easy and very discreet for young people. Unknowingly, kids take these these products that contain very large amounts of nicotine. It seems like a harmless, fun activity to get a nicotine “buzz” but in reality, they are setting the stage for strong, life-long addiction to nicotine. Social media accounts make the use of nicotine seem cool and therefore influence millions of young people. Make sure to talk to your kids about the dangers of nicotine addiction even if you suspect they are not using it. Even if your kids have never tried it, you can be sure that they have been around it regularly. In the same way, hard drugs are glamorized on social media and the majority of kids will either try it or be exposed to it regularly without having all the information about it.

The Positives of Drug Addiction and Social Media

Most teens have seen peers using drugs on social mediaNot all social media can be bad for people who are suffering from addiction though. When used the right way, social media can actually be a great resource to help live a sober life. When it comes to the Internet and social media, there are countless resources and people out there that want to help, you just have to find them. That’s the beauty of the Internet. There is literally something out there for anyone that is looking. There are communities dedicated to sober living, there are online support groups and message boards. There are even countless websites, just like this one, providing blogs and articles with vital information to get the help needed to get sober.

Social media also provides you with a voice to not only ask for help, but to help others. Had a bad day and can’t get to a meeting? Simply go online and find an online support group or forum and ask for help. Or maybe you don’t want to your addiction to control your life anymore and you want to get help. There are countless websites out there that can not only tell you about the recovery process, but also get you connected with the right detox and treatment center.

For many, the Internet can be a scary place, but it can also be a wonderful place. It all depends on how you choose to use it.

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