The Promises Amphetamines Make but Never Keep Them

Amphetamines are the kind of drug that lures an addict in with high energy, efficiency, and a sureness they can never find in their unaffected lives. With a brief indulgence in the daydream of an almost supernatural amount of drive, the amphetamine user begins the hard collision course with reality. The high is always going to crash and burn, and the user struggling with chemical dependency is always going to need more of the substance to find that day dream again. Amphetamines can never keep the promise of an actual better life because the facade always drains away after a few hours, or even a few days, of what feels like clarity, the user is left in a terrible come down.

Symptoms of Chemical Dependency on Amphetamine

Someone who is addicted to Amphetamines may show the following signs of abuse:

  • Amphetamines come with a side effect of sometimes very rapid and extreme weight loss, but it is rarely due to a modified diet or a modification in the user’s exercise habits. Rather, instead the weight loss is caused by a loss of appetite. This side effect can lead to muscle atrophy, malnutrition, and harm to the brain function.
  • Users may experience tremors. Muscles rely on certain nutrients to function properly. Not only does this side effect happen as a result of musculoskeletal system disrepair, but it is also the result of nervous system dysfunction.
  • Weakening of reflexes may occur in an amphetamine user. The weakening of reflexes is also the result of a drug affected nervous and musculoskeletal system.
  • Insomnia, abnormal sleep habits, and extreme fatigue can become a result of persistent amphetamine usage. Addicts report being up for days at a time, busy with almost anything. Some addicts find that time changes meaning for them as sleep becomes more distant to them.
  • Dehydration in amphetamine users can cause split lips, skin irritation, low immune system functions and more issues. With dehydration alone brain function suffers drastically. When you add in the effects of amphetamine on the brain, this side effect can be exponential in harm to a user’s more immediate wellbeing and their long term health as well.
  • Amphetamines cause an increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure. The heart takes a beating under the heavy influence of amphetamines. The speed which the drug expects a user’s body to keep going puts undue stress on the muscle.
  • Mood swings can feel unmanageable between when the user is up and when the user is coming down from the drug. This side effect is a huge motivator for relapse. It can be hard to go from overwhelming confidence to utter shame and humiliation or even violent anger.


Getting Treatment

If someone is addicted to amphetamine their first course of action must be medically supervised detox. Amphetamine addiction can ruin a life, but it doesn’t have to. FHE Health offers affordable rehab. Florida is home to many treatment facilities but our Florida detox and wellness center boasts quality amenities, comfortable atmosphere, and most important of all, a qualified and licensed staff who are dedicated to the wellbeing of their patients. Call us now to learn more about our intensive inpatient treatment and how we can make a recovery plan that’s right for you.

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