The Power by Peter Marinelli

The Power by Peter Marinelli

There is no higher goal attainable on earth than an inner communication with this Presence that never leaves us nor forsakes us. It does not send us food, clothing, or housing. It is food, clothing and housing. It does not lead us to a high fortress or a high tower; it literally is the fortress ad high tower.

There is no sending of anything; there is no giving of anything, except the giving of Itself.

When the realization of omnipresence of God is attained, there is freedom from worry, fear, lack and limitation. If a need appears, we retire within and tabernacle with this Presence, and in due time, It will appear outwardly as the very form necessary to our experience.

As we come to this place in consciousness where we are able to relinquish human might and power, human opinion and judgment, a divine Grace, invisible, yet perfectly tangible to the person experiencing it, takes over. We cannot see this transcendental Spirit, hear It, taste it, touch It or smell It, yet It is here and It is now-we feel It and we know It. When we let go of our human rights and human will or desires-even the good desires- and absolutely resign ourselves to God’s will, It rushes in as if there were a vacuum and when It takes over , we can feel Its every movement coursing throughout our body, tight thought the muscles and veins down to the nails. We are one with the rhythm of the universe, and all is well.



Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

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