The Meeting After The Meeting by Peter Marinelli

Like so many nights, about ten recovering folks swooped down on a local eatery for dinner after a meeting last evening for fun fellowship and just “catching up”.

It one of the bright spots of the recovering life that we get to look forward to. Taking a new comer with us and showing them how we are after a meeting and that there is life after drinking in sobriety.

Making plans to do other activities, ballgames, having a BBQ, going to conferences or visiting new meetings, over dinner is really a treat we get to do.

Sometimes we can be there until way after the local meeting has ended.

Sadly, I also hear folks who long for the good old days when these actives were a regular occurrence, and claiming that many newcomers never get to experience any of this, as people are just too busy with other things.

Perhaps this wonderful tradition of the “meeting after the meeting” is gone because of the cyber age, where many folks text their life away and never get face to face as often as we did  and some of us still do.

What a treat to be a part of the good fun and breaking bread and socializing with other recovering folks. We are not a glum lot!

Interesting how many of us lived a life of isolation because of our addiction and now get to be part of life at last.

How is it in your area? Sometime we just have to take the lead and make it happen.

Just last evening I got to visit with an old-timer who I never met before over dinner after a meeting and as it turned out he was friends with many of the old timers that greeted me when I first arrived at the doors of AA in 1988. Reminiscing and laughs – sober!

It’s an experience I am glad I get to do. Here in South Florida this fellowshipping is alive and well and I am so grateful for it.

How bout sobriety! How bout God!


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

FHE Health


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