The Kind of People That Go to Drug Rehabilitation Centers

All About Drug Rehabilitation Centers

There are all kinds of people that go to drug rehabilitation centers. Addiction affects all types people from all walks of life and at all different ages. The staff at FHE Health can help you understand your path into addiction so that you can plan a way to back to recovery.

Understanding the Kinds of People that Go to Drug Rehabilitation Centers

– The majority of people that attend recovery are white. Almost as much as sixty percent of those that attended recovery in 2008 according to government statistics matched that description.

– Statistics show that nearly 75 percent of abusers hold down regular jobs, but may end up being less productive or changing employers more frequently.

– Addiction attacks people in every type of job – from the corporate ladders down to the production line.

Addiction will affect almost every person – either personally or through friends and family. Understanding the kind of people that go to drug rehabilitation centers can be the key to beginning your recovery journey. Addiction is a disease that does not discriminate. Although we have statistics that can attempt to show us what types of people use drugs, it is easier to see as we go through life that many different types of people will try and develop some sort of substance abuse problem. Alcohol is the leading substance that leads to addiction problems because of its availability and integration into social activities in our society. The problem is growing everyday, and the only solution is to raise awareness about treatment options and the risks of using drugs and alcohol.

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