The Holidays by Peter Marinelli

The Holidays by Peter Marinelli

Not all of us are fortunate enough to spend time with those we love or perhaps even those we still love but are no longer are a part of our lives or have passed on. So while we see and hear the Holiday chatter of others in our shopping malls and parents with their children and lovers cuddling going in and out of stores, some of may feel very alone and almost as if there is something wrong. We watch television this time of year and are bombarded with the need to shop, along with the jewelry commercials of two lovers exchanging gifts, or the family getting together on Christmas morning and sharing their first cup of coffee together. It goes on and on.

So what do you if perhaps, you’re walking around with the longing to be with the family but can’t and perhaps worse, those who are walking around with a broken heart. It makes you want to jump into the television commercial and be a part of the joy you see, or stop watching television indefinitely.

I think one of the worst feelings one can have during this time of year is being separated from children or grandchildren. Usually (unless one is incarcerated, or doing the most honorable of services, being away in the armed forces) because adults will do with adults are capable of, and using children as pawns for their own revenge. Whatever the reason one can feel extremely lost during Holiday times. So (a deep breath here) what is to be done about it?

Nothing is the answer. Trying to fight the feeling on our own power will just allow the feeling to persist. It will only put more energy and focus on how alone one can feel. Begin by going to God for courage, strength and direction. Then ask God for a peaceful heart, and to feel His safety and security during this storm.

Next, what can you do for others? Can I spend time with friends?

Always remembering, in a very, very short time, like many things in this world of impermanence, it will pass and be just a memory.

It can be done, albeit at times it can be trying. Let us be grateful for our health, for a home, and for friendships. Be mindful that if and when the tidal wave of the blues hits, to not get involved with the thinking. It’s all a hard sell from the mind to give you pain and misery.

The thinking mind relishes these times as it gets all the drama it can get and send any one to the emotional brink of disaster.

God, however has us all wrapped in His loving arms greater than a parents love for his or her own children. Let us be aware of that.

This too shall pass and you will be well safe and protected.


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

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