Thank you! by Peter Marinelli

When I moved to Florida 13 months ago, I arrived with three pieces of luggage, while the rest of my possessions were still in storage in New Jersey.

I moved into a motel and went to work the next day.

Not knowing what the future held and where I would eventually find a place in south Florida to live, I took a deep breath and off I went. Talk about “Letting go and letting God!”

Chop wood and carry water and leave the results to God who will never let us down, is how I have been moved to live.

My intent was pure –go to work and help others. Further I was invited here by very kind folks, my new employers. So all was good and honest. Yet I was still left to wonder, how do I settle in and make this home?

Now I wanted to move to Florida for many years, as I love the climate and the beauty of South Florida. So here it was, but now what?

I didn’t know many folks either, other than my new employer and a couple of friends.

Here is where God again showed His loving way. In the fellowship I belong to are some of the most wonderful folks one can meet. As I began attending these meetings, the folks here in South Florida helped me feel as welcome as anyone could. They “took me in” invited me out with them, greeted me regularly, and called on me to see if I needed help with anything. Little by slowly I had a host of friends beyond my wildest dreams. Although I was getting lost regularly driving around town, I never felt lost because of the folks here in this glorious fellowship. So this note to say Thank you!  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this fabulous community, and helping me feel home!

How about sobriety, how about God, how about this community!


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

FHE Health experience

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