Thank you To the Families by Peter Marinelli

"Peter Marinelli Director of Sober Living "I once again heard the story of an Al-Anon member over the weekend and was reminded of the struggles they have to endure and have endured at the hands of the alcoholics illness.

Lost days never to be replaced and sleepless and perhaps years lost as well. Each time weather it was the correct decision or not they tried to fix us. Those members of Al- Anon came to the realization that can’t fix the alkie but they can themselves get well. It seems that most often when this happens, that the bottom for the alkie is raised and although very painful at that moment the alkie seems to reach out for help. Sometimes it all ends with the alcoholic death or the relationship has gone beyond repair. Yet the al-anons keep on trekking towards an abundant life. It seems to unfair that for some of in recovery that we can just settle on just not drinking as if that is enough to make up for all the damage that has been caused. Many of have homes because of our courageous loved ones.

So this is to say thank you to the families who are left with the mess when the alcoholic or drug seeks help and gets it. This is to say thank you all for being there and keeping the light on when we had lost our way. I hope we can give back to all of you, as you have all given to us without expecting any sort of fanfare just because it was the right thing to do. Bless you!



Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

FHE Health


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