Tennessee Recovery Program Offers Care for Opioid Addicted Pregnant Women


Tennessee Recovery Program Offers Care for Opioid Addicted Pregnant Women

Humboldt Medical Center in West Tennessee has added a new treatment facility for opioid-addicted mothers and mothers-to-be, with a ribbon cutting ceremony held last Wednesday. The much-needed facility, called A Mother’s Love, will offer holistic care for pregnant opioid-addicted women. The program, which provides residency and rehabilitative services for pregnant mothers, will be accepting patients by the end of this month.

A Mother’s Love is unique to Tennessee, and is a collaboration between Aspell Recovery Center, Pathways Behavioral Health Services, Ayers Children’s Medical Center and West Tennessee Women’s Center.

“Our goal or mission here is to get (pregnant opioid-addicted women) in as early as possible, detox them, birth the baby at Jackson Madison County General Hospital and bring them both back to the facility for more treatment and aftercare services,” said Richard Barber, Executive Director for Aspell Recovery.

“With (my daughter), I’ve been able to enjoy things that people with addiction don’t get to enjoy,” said Rachel Hill, who will be a counselor for patients in the new program. “It’s the little moments that make it worth it. I want to help other women experience what it’s really like to be a mother.”

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