Rebuilding Trust Within Your Family After Rehab

Rebuilding trust within your family

Drug addiction takes away who you are before you are even aware that it is occurring. Piece by piece, each aspect of a person’s life is neglected as the substance becomes a priority, often leading to relational issues between the user and their family members and friends. Users may begin to sneak around, lie often, and destroy the… Read More

5 Ways to Support a Recovering Family Member

5 Ways to support a Recovering family member

When a family member is suffering from the disease of alcoholism and addiction it’s felt by everyone. The pain from their actions can be significant monetarily, emotionally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. However, the truth of the matter is that for this member of our family to embrace and experience recovery to the fullest and undergo a personal transformation… Read More

Finding Recovery as a Family

Finding Recovery as a Family

Are you struggling with an addiction? Is one of your family members struggling with the difficult process of an addiction? While addiction has the most detrimental effects directly on the user, it may shock you to realize that addiction can also have very serious negative side effects to the family members of someone living in active addiction. It… Read More