Multiple Overdoses of K2 Results in Public Health Alert

Recently there has been an enormous uptick in the number of people overdosing from the synthetic drug K2. At the time of this writing, nearly 80 people have overdosed near Yale University. Thankfully there haven’t been any fatalities in this current crisis, however there was a death from a similar but smaller streak in February. Public Health Alert… Read More

The Wrong Way to Treat Opioid Addiction


Author challenges current opioid treatment paradigm As the opioid crisis continues to plague every demographic across all 50 states, unfortunately the current treatment paradigms remain stubbornly stuck in outdated preconceptions and approaches. Writing in the NY Times, author Maia Szalavitz challenges current addiction treatments, and urges using medication rather than just talk and withdrawal. “Because methadone and buprenorphine… Read More

Teenage Addiction Crisis Growing

Teenage Addiction

Widespread availability to painkillers drives teenage addiction One of the most damaging aspects of the current opioid crisis is the impact it is having on the very youngest population. While teenagers have always been exposed to drugs, the current wave of opioids is literally impacting hundreds of thousands of teenagers. Data from the American Society of Addiction Medicine… Read More

Deadly Batch of Heroin Hits Framingham

Framingham, MA

Framingham hit by wave of overdoses The footprints that fentanyl-laced heroin leaves behind are easy to see on the map, marking a grim cluster of overdose and death. Authorities in Framingham, Mass. are looking at such a map this week as a bad batch of heroin makes it way through the area. As reported by MetroWest Daily News,… Read More

UFC’s Jared Gordon Beats Addiction

Jared Gordon

Lightweight champion claims his biggest victory over drugs Jared Gordon has always been focused on MMA. Gordon was born and raised in Queens, New York and he started boxing and wrestling at a young age. He was obsessed MMA when he was in high school. Unfortunately, he also became obsessed with drugs as well, eventually going in and… Read More

Pensicola Hit By Deadly Drug Overdoses


Mystery drug brings death in Pensicola With two overdoses deaths in the same week, authorities in Pensicola are investigating if a new drug is now circulating on the streets, possibly some type of IV painkiller. According to the Pensicola News Journal, Police Department spokesman Mike Wood said a man was found deceased in the Dollar General parking lot… Read More

Raid Nets Enough Fentanyl To Wipe Out All of Ohio

Columbus OH

Police Raid In Columbus, OH Finds Massive Cache of Pure Fentanyl It’s difficult to overstate how deadly fentanyl can be – just a few grains will kill an unsuspecting user. So when police in a Columbus, Ohio raid found 4.5 pounds of the illegal opioid, it literally had the potential to kill the entire city. However, this recent… Read More

Tallahassee Rallies To Fight Opioid Crisis


Dozens speak about the impact of opioids in Tallahassee forum While thousands have died from overdose across the state of Florida, Tallahassee has been relatively “lucky”, seeing only 82 deaths this year. However, officials and residents are not waiting for the situation to worsen. A forum held this week brought out dozens of concerned parents, rehabilitation experts, medical… Read More

Fentanyl Raid in the Heart of Baltimore

Baltimore Inner Harbor

Corner store was epicenter for sprawling drug network This week, police in Baltimore had to spend hours in hazmat suits removing all the fentanyl and morphine from a corner store in the Old Goucher neighborhood of Baltimore. The raid netted more than 16 pounds of suspected fentanyl and 13 pounds of suspected morphine, according to preliminary police estimates… Read More

In Alpharetta, GA “It’s like watching your child drown”

Alpharetta GA

Mother Mourns the Loss of Her Talented Son He was a gifted wide-receiver, and excelled in math and engineering, but in the end Blake Meier lost a long battle with drug addiction, leaving his grieving mother with heartache and many unanswered questions. On Aug. 10, 2016, Blake overdosed in a West Palm Beach motel room. Police told his… Read More