Gambling Addiction – How to Have Compassion and Help Your Loved Ones

Someone struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol experiences side effects of their disease very inwardly. Certain side effects can sometimes be more obvious on the outside like with skin sores on someone who is struggling with a chemical dependence on methamphetamine, but most of the time the person struggles with their own demons. However, compulsive gambling… Read More

Smoking Tobacco Is A Drug Addiction Too

Smoking is an addiction too. It is sometimes allowed at drug rehab centers in South Florida, so you may not have had to deal with quitting when you were dealing with drug detox and withdrawal. Maybe that was a boon to you. Particularly if you were dealing with Opiate withdrawal. Florida’s heat and humidity, coupled with the temperature… Read More

The Importance of Getting Enough Sleep in Your Sober Life

We know that it is pretty common for someone who has insomnia to also suffer from anxiety and depression. We also know that sleep deprivation is literally a form of torture used to break down will power and mental stamina. It then clearly follows that in order to continue recovering after your drug detox and alcohol recovery program… Read More

Admitting To Your Partner That You Have a Drug and Alcohol Addiction

You remember the day you met. You remember the way their eyes met yours, the way their presence made you feel the closer they got to you. You remember all of the times you’ve been there for them, but more often you can remember the way they’ve been there for you. The idea of telling your significant other… Read More

Group Organizing Effort to Expel Drug Dealers

A group of individuals in DuBois, Pennsylvania, is gathering numbers in order to chase drug dealers out of their city. While the organization does not yet have a name, it already has 40 members and a goal to organize into a large structure and increase social pressure until it is impossible for drug dealers to operate. Plans include… Read More

New Report: Drug Deaths in OH are Rising Faster than Ever Before

New Report: Drug Deaths in OH are Rising Faster than Ever Before New data from hundreds of health organizations shows an astounding increase in the number of drug-related deaths in 2017. For the first time, “Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death among Americans under 50,” due to the ongoing opioid crisis. According to the New… Read More

Revisiting Rock Bottom: The Stages of Relapse

Revisiting Rock Bottom: The Stages of Relapse Addiction is easy to think of as an abstract concept, something that only happens to people in movies and on the news- until it touches your own life. It’s simple, as an outside observer, to look at an addict or alcoholic who is killing themselves with substances and think, “why don’t… Read More

Facing the Repressed Causes of Addiction with DBT Treatment

Facing the Repressed Causes of Addiction with DBT Treatment There are multiple approaches to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Some of which might work, and some of which might be just a waste of time for certain individuals. It’s really hard to tell who will benefit from which treatment because addiction affects everyone individually and differently. Not everyone… Read More

Three Ways to Stay Sober after Leaving Drug Detox

How can someone stay sober after leaving drug detox? This is an important question that one may face after leaving the detox program, but we hope the following tips will help you. 1. Take their advice So, you went through the detox process and there were myriad suggestions given from day one. Many detox centers go beyond the normal… Read More