Heroin Vs. Fentanyl, An Opioid Civil War

Opioids kill hundreds of thousands of people every year in our society. These drugs have started monopolizing the headlines. From the scientific studies done to the legislation and promises made by different government officials, there’s almost always a story in the headlines regarding the opioid epidemic world wide. Opioids like heroin and fentanyl are used everyday by those… Read More

So Are The Days of Our Lives

When in the process of addiction recovery, it can be very tempting to focus only on the most immediate tasks and goals. There is a lot of emotional work to be done, so it’s not uncommon for an individual recovering from addiction to drugs or alcohol to let their perspective slide to only the nearest horizons – what’s… Read More

Take Your Down Time Seriously

You’ve been more than busy, you’ve been steeped in some of the hardest parts of the human journey that anyone can experience. Your time at the Deerfield Beach halfway houses led you to spending some time with us at FHE Health Deerfield Beach rehab, one of the best drug rehabs in South Florida. Throughout your drug and alcohol… Read More

Get on The Road to Recovery at a Deerfield Beach Rehab

Recovery Starts With Acceptance. Deerfield beach rehab facilities offer you the best in drug and alcohol treatment. However, before you begin treatment you must accept that you are addicted. Perhaps you’ve had family members or friends cut ties with you because of your addiction or you’ve have social, economical or monetary problems. Coming to terms with your addiction… Read More

Post Acute Services of Deerfield Beach Rehab

Our Deerfield Beach Rehab is a dynamic health care center that is located in North Broward County, Florida. It is a high quality healthcare organization providing both mental health and addiction treatment. Deerfield Beach Rehab has a capacity of 194 beds. Our Deerfield Beach Rehab provides a wide selection of healthcare that is flexible, inclusive of surgery recovery,… Read More

Addiction Treatment Florida

Addiction treatment in Florida helps thousands of individuals each year get back on track to the healthy, happy lifestyle they deserve. Choosing addiction treatment in Florida ensures all clients access to a wonderful, supportive recovery community, a beautiful environment and a variety of programs. The best place to seek addiction treatment is in Florida.