Syracuse Unites to Fight Opioid Epidemic


Syracuse Council steps up the fight against opioid addiction

As the opioid epidemic continues to claim lives all across New York State, the Syracuse Common Council passed a resolution Monday in support of “United We Fight It,” a collaboration of substance abuse and drug free community coalitions across New York state to combat substance abuse and addiction.

As reported by WAER, Councilors hope to engage community organizations, schools, and libraries to host prevention events complete with a documentary film produced by the FBI called “Chasing the Dragon.”

“It was enlightening to me how a lot of people fall into this addiction crisis and how it enters their lives. It’s not always what you think. Sometimes it’s someone who offers you a painkiller because you didn’t make it to the doctor, because you slipped on the ice last week. The next thing you know, you’re addicted to opiates.”

Some local addiction services identified by council include:

Belvedere Addiction Services; 344 W. Genesee St., Suite 300. Syracuse. (315) 457-4700.

CNY Services Dual Recovery Program; 321 W. Onondaga St., Suite 201 Syracuse. (315) 478-0610.

Conifer Park Admissions: 1-800-989-6446; patients can call on their own or be referred by family.

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