Serena Williams Refuses Drug Test Citing Unfair Targeting By Regulators

While it is certainly laudable to ensure the purity of a sport by testing its players for unfair advantages like steroids and hormones, from the players’ perspective each test is a sacrifice of their privacy. So when Serena Williams, seven-time Wimbledon champion and 23-time Grand Slam winner, refused to submit to a second drug test within a single week (on June 14), it certainly raised some eyebrows. A spokesperson for Williams said that while she had been compliant with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) for many years, and has never taken any doping agents, she had also been tested for drugs more often than any other tennis player – even among men. Williams has only taken part in three tennis tournaments this year but has been tested five times. USADA counters that it reserves the right to test any athlete at any rate or time it deems fit. Williams has complained to the international head of women’s tennis as a result of the USADA’s second-in-one-week test. No word yet as to whether this will affect the USADA’s request for another test.


Serena Williams has accused drug-testers of unfairly targeting her after it was revealed the American superstar refused a test earlier this month.

The seven-times Wimbledon champion was practising at the All England Club on Thursday, after being seeded No.25 for the Grand Slam which starts on Monday.

It is claimed in the US that she became involved in a row with a US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) officer when he called at her Florida home on June 14.

No test was taken – and Williams complained to the head of women’s tennis about her treatment.

The winner of 23 Grand Slams had tweeted on May 21 she had been drug tested twice in one week.

USADA records show Williams, who has played only three tournaments this year after returning from maternity leave, has already been tested five times in 2018. Click Here to Read More

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