Self by Peter Marinelli

Self by Peter Marinelli

Is it possible the all the manifestations of self are all part of the ego and mind and all based in fear.
So instead of trying to resolve fear, let God dissolve fear, and the ego in the process.
The process of the 12 steps will move one through, and past the maze of self. It takes me past acquired conceptions and perceptions about life. So often I have heard how the spiritual way of living is to escape reality when in fact it is to experience reality.
Why try to spend time trying to figure out why we do what we do. It’s another way the ego is working to arm itself against anything that will destroy it. The ego will use any information gathered to prevent its own death, while at the same time creating an illusion of separateness, when in fact there is no separation or duality with you and God.
Understanding “who I am” may not fix me. As I have learned, knowledge received intellectually provides no nourishment for the soul.
Upon the feeling of separateness with it goes the belief that there are always two powers at work. Perhaps God and “something else” and that something else might win, rather than only one Power, that Power being God.
With God, we come to the realization that they can only win if we fight and with God there is no fight. There is no resistance, there is no controversy.
When I become present to the moment, there are no problems to solve so there is no need to figure out a solution. There are no feelings of hate or anger just acceptance of what is emanating from a place of love.
Very often this new level of awareness (no matter how unpleasant it may feel) is the beginning of experiencing a new level of consciousness or if you will a greater level of God consciousness. We touch the realization that self and self reliance does not work, God does.

Chop wood carry water

Peter Marinelli

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