Road Warriors

As I strolled through another airport in another city on another Sunday afternoon to get home after another conference I hear my name being called.

It was around 2pm and I was waiting for a four o’clock flight to begin my homeward bound journey, where I wouldn’t arrive until after midnight. Although I have become accustomed to travel, travel and airports can feel awfully lonely at times.

When I looked up to see who was calling my name I saw six road warriors who were at the same conference sitting down having coffee and sharing stories.

What a treat to see friendly faces that were glad to see me.

You see these men are on the road sometimes to speak at conferences and sometimes to just simply be a part.

They are road warriors, and as I like to often say spiritual warriors. These men at the table having coffee and sharing stories are journey men in recovery. And although they much time to their loving families they know what their primary purpose is and they love the life of recovery. Being on the road as much as I am we had another part of life in common.

These are the type of men in recovery I have been blessed to have in my life. To able to walk this walk with others who have the same passion for recovery helping others God and family.

I suddenly wasn’t alone. After a while we went off to one of the airlines clubs (much quieter by the way) and talked some more. It was like a brotherhood. We all new that based on our drinking days that we are so blessed to be doing what we are doing.

Boarding time for my friends approached as the time went by too fast which usually happens when time is spent with good friends. Off they went to catch their flights and off I went to find a quiet place and wait for mine.

As Willie Nelson sang “On the road again”.

However I couldn’t see any other way. It’s where He sends me and gives me strength and support to do.

What a life!

How bout sobriety!

How bout God!


Peter Marinellii

Chop wood, carry water

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