Resisting Public Pressure to Drink in A Culture of Alcoholism

It’s not always easy to live a sober life in the current culture of America. Alcohol is pervasive and present In so many aspects of our society. If you go to a wedding, there’s the expected champagne toast. If you go on a work trip, drinking can become a full on priority, with binge drinking being a part of many company cultures in this day and age, not to mention a consistent aspect of networking.

Being in a post-Mad-Men era met with the casual atmosphere and attitudes of a tech driven economy means that in many offices, full open bars and kegs may be available at any time to employees. Alcohol is more and more reported to be an expected aspect of stay at home mom culture. If you skim mom blogs you will read tales of moms who savor the luxury of drinking wine while watching their little ones play during get togethers. So how can you be a part  of and succeed in this drinking culture and resist what can feel like intense pressure to drink? Here are some way you can maintain your sober living.


  1. First off you should know that it is your right to tell people straight up you don’t drink alcohol and that’s that. You don’t have to explain yourself at all. You can order some sparkling water, or a coke, and continue dancing the night away at that wedding, or making career shifting connections at that networking event
  2. If you don’t even feel like talking about it order a fizzy water with lime. This can make it seem like you’re holding a stronger beverage in your hand and help you feel less awkward as you enjoy a drink with your pals.
  3. Be the designated driver. There is almost always someone looking for a designated driver. Suggest to your friends that you fill the roll! Instead of feeling uncomfortable because you’re not drinking, everyone will be grateful and won’t think twice about your abstinence.
  1. Tell your story. If you feel comfortable, and the right time presents itself you can be open and talk about your struggle with alcohol abuse, your experience at an alcohol detox facility, or drug rehabilitation center. You never know if your story will inspire another person struggling to get help.


No matter what just remember that living a sober life can be hard, but making that daily choice toward healthy and sober living is heroic and the healthy relationships you have, the promising future ahead of you make those choices worth it. Making it through rehab should tell you that you are strong. And you are worthy of a life free from alcohol and drug addiction.

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