Reset Your Brain – New Course Helps Fight Addiction

Curriculum focuses on the pathways of addiction

Taught by author Steve Treu, a new course at Butler County Community College in Pennsylvania will focus on an alternative approach to the understanding, treatment, and successful recovery of opioid addiction.

The course is targeted for those in opioid recovery, family or friends of those that suffer from opioid addiction, support group personnel, treatment providers, educators or concerned community members.

Students in the course will learn about addiction and recovery issues using the text “Hope is Dope” by instructor Steve Treu.

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Some of the course topics include: the brain is a pharmacy, endorphin hijacking, endorphin hibernation, getting the brain out of debt, crutches in recovery, the jumpstart for the endorphin fix, and the butterfly effect: small can morph in large. Different pathways but same destinations; relativity, energy, observer effect, practice makes perfect, the volcano, the brain’s GPS, and waterfall.

Tracy Hack, from BC3, explains that “if we come together as a community, we can make a difference in this opioid epidemic. We can create a system where love and light opens up opportunities to those that struggle in darkness. It’s going to take a lot of collaboration and looking at opioid addiction with new eyes.”

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