Resentment by Peter Marinelli

Resentment is to forget who you are- a child of God, all love and no opposite. Live in resentment and we begin to feel cut off from God and we become unlike Him. We start to think God is like what we are thinking and that God agrees with are resentments. Who can live in resentment and feel free? Who can live in resentment and not fear God? Who can live in resentment and not experience fear? Live in resentment and live with guilt and anger. Anger always insists that we are right. Live in resentment and forget we are children of a loving God and forget that others are also children of the same loving God; all connected to each other and all of Gods creations. Live in a spirit of forgiveness and live in peace and harmony with others.

Chop wood,
Carry water

Peter Marinelli

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