Recovering or Recovered by Peter Marinelli

Recovery by Peter Marinelli

There always seems to be a debate about being recovered versus recovering. I don’t want to add to this debate but rather offer some considerations for the reader to decide for themselves. At the very beginning of the big book Alcoholics Anonymous it reads: “How many thousands of men and women have recovered from alcoholism.”

Later it reads: “to show other alcoholics precisely how we have recovered is the main purpose of this book.”

There are other mentions of the word recovered. Now, this article is to just open the minds of the close-minded, and not to claim right or wrong.

Further, in the book, it reads: “Doubtless you are curious to discover how and why in the face of expert opinion to the contrary, we have recovered from a hopeless condition of mind and body.”

Even in the face of expert and medical scientific and conventional AA opinion, becoming a recovered alcoholic is a might reality that can never be understood by opinion, as being recovered is experiential only.

Is there deep hope is recovering and isn’t there great hope in getting recovered?

Is it possible that when the voice scream never recovered always recovering that its contempt prior to investigation?

Does not the big book state that the problem has been removed? That we are not fighting it nor are we avoiding temptation?

Recovered doesn’t mean cured, but simply that the symptoms of illness have been removed, via the spiritual awakening.


Just some thoughts.


-Peter Marinelli

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Peter Marinelli

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