Rationalizing Doesn’t Make It True

In this stressful world, alcohol consumption and drug use have become normalized. With the amount of anxiety and pressure we are under due to unachievable societal expectations, or other life hardships, there’s every expectation that you will attend activities, celebrations, and outings involving large amounts of alcohol. You will get pressured to order alcohol, it will be offered to you at points, for free.  


After Rehab

As you continue down the road to addiction recovery, after rehab, you may be begin to feel safe. You may start to rationalize having a drink here or there. “Everyone else is doing it,” you think. “I don’t want to feel different.” “This drink is mostly juice, there’s almost no alcohol in here.” Here’s the thing, when you give in to a craving, it makes it harder to say no in the future. It only takes one drink for many people to fall right back into old, destructive habits.

Just because you rationalize something to yourself doesn’t make it true. Let’s just debunk a few of the lies you’re telling yourself. Probably not everyone else is doing it. I know how it goes. You don’t want to feel different, you don’t want to feel like you’re being left out. But seriously, alcohol addiction is quite prevalent, you’d be surprised who else is struggling with it. If you’re out with people who can’t understand that you don’t drink, or pressure you in spite of your insistence that you aren’t interested in drinking, then don’t go out with those people next time. Anyone who isn’t supportive of your sobriety doesn’t deserve your company.


An Ongoing Journey

Don’t let yourself feel like your recovery from your addiction is over. Every day you have to make the choice to remain sober. Don’t let the pressures of work or friends or anyone threaten your healthy life.

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