Praying For You by Peter Marinelli

In the wake of the devastation hurricane Sandy has caused, I am speechless.
One can watch devastation happen around the world and have it pull at your heart, yet one it happens to what feels like “your own backyard” it rings a lot different. I am very familiar with the New Jersey Shore area, and the NY five boroughs. I have so many friends and family there as well. Good people, family folks with a great sense of community.

I recently posted that it isn’t how well you throw a punch but how well you can take one that counts.  The north east folks will get up off the mat and recover, and become stronger! I pray for them all including for the folks who will offer assistance and let our politicians put politics aside and serve the people.
We have witness many tragedies in our country, yet always followed by a recovery. We just seem to pull together as one people.
Les us all offer assistance in any way we can, and not close the door on our neighbors even though they may be a few hundred miles away.
We pray for all of you: for courage strength and direction.

This post is a short one as there isn’t much to say other then we are with you. Friends from all over the country and two from Europe have contacted me to see if my family and friends were okay. People care and will always give.

God bless you all.
Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

"Peter Marinelli Director of Sober Living "

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