Perhaps by Peter Marinelli

Perhaps by Peter Marinelli

Perhaps we are in a place of not being convinced of our addiction, as I see many try to justify and rationalize their using, thereby convincing themselves they aren’t alcoholic or addict.
The first forty three pages in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous will give us a clear diagnosis of what we suffer from. The more we identify the greater chances are that we are alcoholic or addict.
Sitting on the fence can be awfully painful as there is greater pain in not changing than the change itself.
Here are some questions to consider:

When answering the following questions, answer from your own personal experience.
1. Based on my experience. When I honestly wanted to, did I find I could not quit entirely?
2. Based on my experience. When drinking/ drugging, did I have little control over the amount I took?
3. Based on my experience. On my own power, could I control the stopping or the starting?
4. Based on my experience. If I had a sufficient reason to stop, did I still continue to use?
5. Based on my experience. Did I have a powerful desire to stop, and still continued to use?
6. Based on my experience. Did will power or trying to use other activities, prevent me from picking up a drink and or a drug?
7. Based on my experience. Do I think I can stop using for good on my own power? If I do, then how come you haven’t done so yet?
8. Based on my experience. Is it possible that my way does not work?
9. Based on my experience. Do I believe that I am an alcoholic / addict?
10. If so, am I willing to go to any lengths to recover?

Chop wood, carry water
Peter Marinelli

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