Pennsylvania Distributing 60,000 Naloxone Kits

PA Naloxone Kits

State officials distribute naloxone to emergency response agencies

As the opioid crisis continues to cut lives short across Pennsylvania, officials at the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency are providing 13,752 kits of the overdose reversal drug to 59 counties through a $5 million appropriation included in the 2017-18 state budget. These are among 60,000 kits that will be available over the next two years in all 67 counties and state agencies.

“Naloxone is an incredibly important and lifesaving tool because we cannot get our loved ones, our neighbors, the members of our communities the treatment they need if they die from an overdose of prescription opioids or heroin,” Gov. Wolf said as the initiative was launched.

“Every day, our first responders are saving the lives of Pennsylvanians by administering naloxone and reversing deadly overdoses. Those first responders have already reversed over 3,900 opioid overdoses since 2014. We need to support them in this effort and that’s why this funding from my 2017-18 budget is so critical.”

“The range of first responders eligible for naloxone use is much broader than those folks we commonly think of as first responders, such as law enforcement and firemen,” PCCD Chairman Charles Ramsey said. “Individuals who find themselves in positions of being the first person able to respond to an overdose – such as librarians, public transit drivers, and drug treatment providers – are also eligible for the naloxone made available through this state funding.”

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