Opioid Epidemic in The USA Pt 2. From Prescription to Overdose

While the current opioid crisis in the United States does include a considerable problem with heroin addiction and overdose, much of the addiction plaguing our society right now is due to the use of opiates that are prescribed for pain medication. Though doctors were hesitant to prescribe opiates due to risk of addiction and health complications after heroin was outlawed, in the 1990’s, after a marketing campaign was launched to market opioids as the pain fighting wonder drugs that they were known for in the 1800’s OxyContin was commercialized as low risk for addiction and doctors began to prescribe it more widely. You can probably guess what happened next. The number of overdoses spiked and the addiction to these prescribed opiates spread and intensified as access to them became easier.


A Real Gateway Drug

Many heroin users will tell you that it was their exposure to prescription opiates that lead them to heroin. Vicodin and Hydrocodone found their way easily into the hands of addicts. It was easy because opiates were available and simple to obtain via script and on the street as well.

The 1990’s once again found the USA in war. This time in the middle east. As a culture of war began to embed itself in the nation, the severity of the opioid  epidemic grew. Soldiers were using in droves again, being prescribed the drug for chronic or acute pain and staying for its effects on brain chemistry. The general public followed suit.

Today Millions of US citizens struggle with an opioid addiction that started with over the counter drugs. If you are struggling with addiction, know that there is help. Please call a drug rehab center today.


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