One Power by Peter Marinelli

One Power by Peter Marinelli

Lack of power is our dilemma, with Power no dilemma.
For so long I was under the idea that I had to get this Power to go to war with the power of alcoholism, or to go to war with every other area of my life. I was ready to fight. I thought I needed to get Gods power to fight this other power that was causing me or others pain. Now on the front end its sounds pretty reasonable but in reality it was delusional. Since when is God fighting anything or anyone. Our Big Book also states that we are not fighting anything or anyone even alcohol. That we are in a position of neutrality and that we are safe and protected. Am I in a position of neutrality, safe and protected in all areas of my life?
There is only one Power, that power is God, and there is no other power. When I fall into thinking there is some other power I move into fear. The fear being, that this other power just might have its day and win. And as long as I fight they or it does win. Conversely, experiencing God and his infinite power and love, I really get to wear the world like a loose garment. This two power idea can come from what we are taught and or choose to believe. I’ve come to realize that it was living with old ideas and a mind dominated life (which is always fear based).
I live along lines of God consciousness rather than human consciousness or simply put living life on God terms not life on life terms.
Through the process of finding out what God is by finding out what God isn’t, I was allowed me to get free of bondage to old conceptions about God and get clear about my journey in life. Freedom is a place of “Beingness” and it’s a long way from the bondage to thinking and external conditions.
I’m so grateful that I have been moved to continue to seek this Power with the “desperation of a drowning man”. And I can tell you that God always could and would if He were sought.
Are you seeking?

Chop wood, carry water
Peter Marinelli

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