Ohio Father Shares Christmas Eve Heartbreak

Eastlake Ohio

Daughter’s Overdose Story Goes Viral on Facebook

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare, and is especially painful during the holiday season.

Tim Sherman from Eastlake Ohio took to Facebook to share his grief and reach out to other families. He described getting the call from an Eastlake police detective, going to his daughter’s home and seeing her dead in bed from a heroin overdose. He said Karisten was blue in the face, had blood under her nose and her teeth were clenched tight.

“Please, I BEG YOU… if you know someone close to you on Heroin or recovering from Heroin, take it from me, do not, I repeat DO NOT let someone tell you how to handle a situation, especially if it is your own child and do what your gut tells you 100% of the time,” he wrote.

Sherman asks everyone who is struggling with addiction to be on their guard.

“I miss my daughter so much and am hurting so much. I know people who have gone through this and have had it worse than we are, but it still effing sucks. I’m not looking for pity or trolling for comments. I just want ALL of you to know that no matter who you are or what you do or how perfect you think someone is, that this Heroin shit can come into anybody’s life and destroy it.

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To read more about how one father’s Facebook post went viral following the death of his daughter, please visit Fox 8.

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