Observation by Peter Marinelli

Observation by Peter Marinelli

How often are we unhappy with the now and we than resist the now. How often do we make the present moment (which is all we have) our enemy? How often do use perceive the present moment as a means to an end
How often do we use life situations to determine our life and believe that our life situations are the essence of our life?
Is it possible that this sort of thinking is delusional and futile?
The sense of who we are, our true essence comes not from the mind or thought, not from life situations, but from the Spirit within.
So we need to take stock of one-self and explore what are the things that are blocking from experiencing freedom from the mind dominated life.
Looking at oneself however can be a frightening proposition for many, but it’s a journey we must take in order to get free. It is only through the practice of self examination (inventory) that we can begin to rid of the things that block us from God. It requires willingness and discipline, and in the discipline there is freedom.
Just hoping it gets better can be futile. Hope can be an unstable foundation riddled with fear. , and until we have the realization that God is with us we no longer need hope or improving our external world to feel better. What will happen is that we will get better.
We become clear God will care for us better then we can
It is that “God Place” is where peace, safety stillness love exist, apart from the noise and worldly clamors in the mind, which drives us further from God (but will never tell us this)
The mind needs noise, drama, past and future to exist. If we don’t have drama we will get involved in someone else’s drama and if we can’t find it there we will invent drama. It becomes obsessive and compulsive without any relief and certainly never to experience freedom.
Until one is awakened the mind will use us. When one is awakened we use it.
In the present moment with God there are no answers because there are no questions and there are no problems. There is no need to work on solving anything
Only through the practice of discipline with spiritual principles can one attain a higher level of consciousness and attain utopia.

Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

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