New York Cop Goes on a Drug Smuggling Spree

New York Cop

NY Officer Arrested on Multiple Charges

The current opioid crisis is cutting across all segments of society, and even the police are not immune to this epidemic. Just this week, Reynaldo Lopez, 26, was arrested after agreeing to deliver what he believed was a hefty quantity of heroin to a drug dealer in the Bronx, authorities said. As part of a sting operation, he was duped by an undercover police officer who handed off “three keys” in a black bag during a meetup in a New Jersey parking lot, according to a criminal complaint.

“Reynaldo Lopez, a police officer sworn to serve and protect his community, instead allegedly engaged in a shocking crime spree,” said acting Manhattan U.S. Attorney Joon Kim.

In addition to drug charges, Lopez was also involved in credit card fraud, allegedly receiving stolen credit card information through an unidentified co-conspirator’s workplace.

Lopez then used bogus credit cards to spend $13,000 at luxury retail stores, the complaint said, adding that since May he allegedly splurged on movie tickets, gift cards, electronics and restaurants around New York and New Jersey.

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To learn more about this case in New York City, please visit The New York Daily News.

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