Philly Reporter Regrets Not Bringing His Narcan


In Kensington Section of Philly, Don’t Leave Home Without Your Narcan

Philadelphia reporter Mike Newall has been writing about the region’s heroin epidemic for the past year, and was very disciplined about bring Narcan with him – just in case something happened.

Until one day, he forgot to bring it… “Worry pulled at me. I’m never without my Narcan, the overdose-reversing spray. Not in Kensington. Not now, with ODs coming like never before. I felt naked without it, irresponsible. I’ve never had to use it, but I never want to be without it.

“It would happen today, wouldn’t it?” I said to Dave, and that’s when we saw them:

Two young men crossing Cambria with a third slumped between them. His feet dragged. His head sagged.

Dave made a U-turn and we jumped out of the car.

His companions dropped him on a step.

The man was blue, his arms splayed. One of his friends bolted. The other mashed the buttons on a corner pay phone that didn’t work.”

Fortunately, the young man had collapsed near a local non-profit called Prevention Point, which is focused on preventing deaths from heroin overdose.

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