More than Just Momentary Fun with Ecstasy

Ecstasy Explained

Ecstacy is the kind of drug you think of someone doing in their twenties. Maybe you and your friends buy tickets to a Radiohead concert, you take your MDMA, “it’s so pure”, your friend who scored it says with anticipation in their eyes. You take the pill and the concert starts. The lights swirl, Thom Yorke sings. People are flipping out around you and suddenly your jaw feels tight. It tightens so much that you worry it won’t ever come unclenched. You start to think you might throw up. Everyone is up and swaying to the music, but you have to sit down until your stomach calms down. When it does, you stand up. It’s hard to concentrate on the song, but your body feels free and loose like limp spaghetti. You look at your friend whose teeth are grit. His eyes are wide and his eyes look wild. You can see that his forehead is damp with beads of sweat in spite of the cool night air. His teeth are grinding now and you can see that he’s out of control of his body as it dips and swirls. His eyes are now closed and you can tell he’s feeling pretty good.


You are probably feeling pretty euphoric too. As the night goes on you might find that your levels of affection are veering toward inappropriate. People sometimes find that on Ecstasy they become more likely to make inappropriate sexual decisions. You may feel more free to make these sorts of decisions because Ecstasy can lead to a higher sense of self confidence than the user may usually possess.


Extensive Use

Extensive use of Ecstasy can cause anxiety, paranoia, irritability, lack of focus, seizure, muscle pain, vomiting, a rapid heart rate, dehydration. Ecstasy can cause a person to overheat and dehydrate so much that some people have died. The come down from time on ecstacy is intense. Just as euphoric as the drug can make you, it can make you feel that depressed on the way down off the high.


The day after the concert, you’ve not been asleep yet. The Ecstasy kept you awake. Now you feel the hopelessness that comes after a trip. You still can’t sleep and your muscles hurt. You start to wonder if the trip is worth the come down. This is a common reaction. Unfortunately the euphoria that Ecstasy offers, is often a big enough draw that people continue to come back as they forget how intense the hangover is. If consumed consistently Ecstasy can spur deeper depression and other mental disorders.


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