Miami Cop Arrested For Partying Like a Rock Star

Miami Nightclub

Officer Adrian Santos caught using cocaine at popular Miami nightclub

E11even, located at 29 NE 11th St. in the heart of Miami’s club district just west of downtown, draws guests from all over the world. It bills itself as a “24/7 Ultraclub.”

The club also proved to be ultra trouble for Miami Police Officer Adrian Santos who was seen at the club snorting a white powder. The club security guards saw the incident on camera and escorted the 25-year-old officer out.

As reported in the Miami Herald, the arrest of a cop on an everyday drug charge drew a lot of attention from police brass and elected leaders.

“This is unacceptable at every level of our organization,” said Miami Police Chief Rodolfo Llanes. “We hold officers to a higher standard than this.”

Francis Suarez, Miami’s recently elected mayor, said the episode put a damper on a department filled with hard-working cops.

“Unfortunately, incidents like this have a tendency to tarnish and diminish the entire department,” he said.

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To read more about how one officer’s wild night on the town cost him his job, please visit the Miami Herald.

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