Macklemore Shares His Secret For Beating Addiction


Macklemore Shares Details of His Addiction Battle

Seattle rapper Macklemore shared details of his battle with addiction to Time Magazine. After experimenting with Oxycontin in high school, Macklemore’s opioid addiction was ruining his life by his mid-twenties. The secret for his recovery – compassion.

As he explained to Time, “When I was 25, my dad asked me a simple question that ended up changing my life. He asked me if I was happy. At that point, my drug addiction had led me to a place of deep depression and self-hate. I couldn’t get away from the shadow that opioids had cast over my life. My love for making music was gone. My relationships with friends and family were strained at best, and permanently damaged at worst. I spent most of my time in my room with the blinds drawn. The world that I once loved was going on outside without me.”

“Are you happy?” The answer was simple, yet the process to attain this estranged happiness seemed impossible in that moment. It took my dad’s question to make me realize how far gone I really was. That act of love and compassion saved my life. After years of trying to get sober on my own, I went to rehab.

My parents’ willingness to show up for me and offer me the chance to go to rehab came from a place of love rather than judgement. It’s that kind of compassion our country needs to fight the current opioid crisis.

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