Let’s Talk a Bit About Cocaine

Cocaine is a substance made from the coca plant. The leaves of the plant are processed to create the white powder intoxicant. Cocaine is often also referred to as blow, coke, cola, crack, charlie, snow, dust, etc.

Cocaine is a stimulant–a drug that accelerates the brain and nervous system. The way cocaine affects you can have many variables, depending on how much of it you take, the size of your body, your general health and mental state. Have you taken it before? If you’ve taken it before you may have built up a tolerance, if you haven’t, your body will be more sensitive to the drug.


Physical Symptoms

Some of the physical symptoms you can expect from cocaine including a rising of your body temperature. Since cocaine is an “upper”, it follows that it would raise your body temperature. Your pupils will get bigger, causing your vision and eyes to feel quite different, sometimes surreal. You may feel dizzy or start to get headaches. You will find that your body moves more quickly than usual. You might feel frenetic, like you can’t sit still. You will likely lose your appetite. People don’t usually eat much when they’re on cocaine. Some of the more severe symptoms can be chest pain, heart attack, seizures, or even death in the event of overdose.

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