Leap of Faith? by Peter Marinelli

Leap of Faith? by Peter Marinelli

I have heard the phrase “it’s a leap of faith” said many times throughout my sober life and believed it to be true. Yet as time passed I have found that what I believe to be true its true, until I find out it longer isn’t.

“Leap of faith”. Now most of understand what is mean here. Change: going from point A to point B or from what we know to a place we don’t know. So when we share with someone that we have are uncomfortable about change or have fear about the change, the response is often “hey, it’s a leap of faith.” This immediately puts many of into more doubt as to what the outcome is going to be like.

Here is my consideration, when we offer “It’s a leap of faith”. Is it not offering agnosticism to someone else because of our own current agnosticism when it comes to change? And is there really any depth and weight in “it’s a leap of faith?”

I offer this, that there is no such thing as a leap of faith. There is only change. Who gave me the intuitive thought to make a change? Who will give me the ability to change? Who will give me the ability to leap and who is in the middle of my leap when I jump from point A to point B?

And finally who will be there to catch me or better yet greet me when I get there?-God.

There is no gravity in Gods world. So the so called jump, or leap doesn’t even exist, as God is carrying me the whole way.

Have you ever read “Footprints”?


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

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