In York PA, November is the Cruelest Month

York, PA

Central PA Struck By Drug Overdose Crisis

The York County Coroner’s Office is not pulling any punches in trying to communicate the severity and danger of the current opioid crisis.

After seeing 16 deaths in the first 19 days of November, they have issued a stark warning:

The spate of recent deaths should not be blamed on a “bad batch” of heroin, “… there is absolutely NO GOOD BATCH of heroin/fentanyl – ANY AMOUNT, NO MATTER HOW LARGE OR SMALL, CAN AND WILL KILL THE USER, NO MATTER THE SUPPOSED TOLERANCE OF THE USER.”

York County coroner Pam Gay is very concerned about how this trend will play out over the holiday season.

“I think during the holidays people tend to celebrate,” Gay said. “I don’t think people realize that when they’re using other substances … that can trigger a response or somebody in recovery, it can trigger them to use.”

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To learn more about the opioid crisis in York, PA, please visit the York Daily Record.

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