Korn Frontman Speaks Out Against Xanax and Addiction

It’s no secret that the glamorous lives of celebrities are often tarnished just a bit with the stain of drug abuse. However, nu-metal star Jonathan Davis, lead singer of the band Korn, spoke in an interview with Forbes about his fight with Xanax addiction and alcohol. He started taking Xanax in order to get through panic attacks, but eventually his system grew tolerant and dependent on the drug. Xanax addiction is especially hard since quitting suddenly can cause seizures and possibly death. Davis describes being completely unable to function while coming off of Xanax, but he eventually toughed it out and quit as cleanly as he could. His family, he said, was all the motivation he needed to decide to remove himself from the influence, as he needed to be a good example for his children.

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Just weeks ago, Jonathan Davis released his debut full-length solo album, Black Labyrinth. Over a decade in the making, the album is a far departure from his previous works. Since the nineties, Davis has fronted Korn, a band whose raw aggression popularized heavy music as the world broke into the new millennium. But this release features a much more experimental approach. Through the use of unexpected instrumentation from Japan, Africa and other corners of the world, the record is a pulsing blur of synth, percussion and subdued yet haunting vocals.


The work draws influence and imagery from the Ganzfeld Experiment, a parapsychology phenomenon that Davis is quite fond of. Fundamentally, it’s a simple form of sensory deprivation.The participant enters isolation in a room with red light, covers his or her eyes, and listens to white-noise. Continue Reading at Forbes

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