Just Some Thoughts by Peter Marinelli

Just Some Thoughts by Peter Marinelli

Is it possible that all forms of self are generated from the mind which needs to create an illusion of separateness with me and God, when in reality separateness or duality does not exist?

How much of the ego is rooted in fear, and is allowed to live freely in the mind, and keeps me in everlasting bondage? Have I forgotten the freedom is a divine right as a child of God, and that freedom is a natural state of beingness? Fear and manifestations of self are acquired and volunteered for and needs time to think.

Is it worth trying to figure out why the mind can operate like this, rather than living in the present moment?

We can always go in and spend years trying to figure out why the mind can operate like this and neglect working on a solution. Is it possible that while “I” am trying to figure out why, that it is my mind doing the search for me? And it’s the same mind that doesn’t want me finding any remedy that will allow me get unhooked from it. It fact there more information the mind gathers up, it only uses it to arm itself against being rid of anyway.

A searching fearless and moral inventory is one thing and so needed to get free, different than spending years analyzing my triggers and issues. Now there is nothing wrong with doing some of this work, but for how long, without getting free?

Through inventory (different than trying to figure out why) I can gain a new level of consciousness with my Creator, and through this relationship, eventually get free of the bedevilments that have haunted me all of my life. I can finally come to the realization that there is no separateness with God only oneness.

I call it inner peace, rather than looking outside of myself for something to make me “happy” which is usually determined by the mind –  again.

Just some thoughts.


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

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