Is It Too Late?

It seems we have failed as mankind since the beginning and where we have evolved to has become worse.

Where are we heading? Can we turn back or is it too late?

We hate rather than love.

We show intolerance of others rather than tolerance.

We war with others rather then get along and accept others.

We lie cheat a steal rather than be grateful for what we have and share or give to others.

We want our 15 minutes of fame rather than humility.

We torture other human beings and animals rather than caring for others.

We rape and pillage rather than respecting other.

We kill in the name of God rather than love in God’s name.

We drop bombs on mankind rather than building mankind to be better.

We have become secular instead of respecting God.

We build bigger and more destructive weapons rather than caring for the sick.

We are people of greed regardless of the cost rather than people of humanity.

We destroy nature rather than enjoying God’s gifts of nature.

We are a planet in serious trouble rather than living in the paradise.



Peter Marinelli

Chop wood, carrywater

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