“Iron Man 2” Heroin Slams Central Mass

Palmer Mass

Police Warn Residents in Palmer to Avoid Deadly Batch of Heroin

During the holiday week, the small town of Palmer has suffered 4 overdoses, prompting police to issue a warning on Twitter. It’s due to a particularly dangerous brand of heroin stamped “Iron Man 2.” Palmer police think the drug may be laced with the powerful synthetic opioid, fentanyl.

“Palmer is a good town,” Three Rivers resident Wyne Schofield Jr. said. “It’s always been. It’s just sad to see kids are getting soaked up in all these drugs out there. You hope the best for the community and you wish that more could be done about it.”

Lt. Burns told 22News none of the addicts were arrested. Under the Massachusetts Good Samaritan law, drug users can get help without fear of arrest unless they are found to be distributing or trafficking the drug.

The lieutenant said they’ve encountered this Iron Man 2 heroin before in town, but never this potent. Iron Man 2 heroin was also discovered in Pelham over the summer.

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To learn more about the latest wave of overdoses hitting Central Massachusetts, please visit 22 News.

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