Intensive Inpatient Treatment Might be the Only choice in Deerfield Beach

Updated February 5th, 2019

How do you know if Intensive Inpatient Treatment might be the right choice for you in Deerfield Beach, Florida? Perhaps you have tried to get yourself on the road to sobriety before and failed. The issue may not be you, but the quality of care you are receiving. Our team of Intensive Inpatient Staff are there to lend a helping hand when you need them most. With all levels of care, from detox through outpatient care, our caring staff is on hand, it may just be what you need to get you on the wonderful road to sobriety.

Our patient’s experience our new, cutting-edge facility as well as the newest technologies available to face their addiction. A patient’s journey begins with a call to our admissions department where we will confidentially verify your insurance and travel arrangements to our facility. The next step is traveling to our Deerfield Beach location where detox can begin, if necessary. We recommend that most patients attend our residential treatment program for a period of several weeks. This stage is helpful due to the dedicated team focused on your mental health and addiction needs. Care will transition to outpatient services that include a sober living environment and sessions on campus.

intensive inpatient treatmentIf you’ve ever thought to yourself that you needed to make a change in your life and be addiction free, but didn’t seek help because you thought you couldn’t do it, then our intensive inpatient treatment center may just be the place that helps you turn your life around. It may be the only choice for you in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Give the caring counselors a call today at (855)441-2449 or explore our website to learn more about our specialized services. We’re waiting to hear from you now.

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