Inpatient Treatment Facilities: What Are The Benefits?

Generally, inpatient treatment facilities are the second step in recovery after detox. Inpatient treatment facilities provide many benefits that attending an outpatient program alone cannot.When a person enters an inpatient treatment facility, it provides them with a break from their home life. Getting away from the stresses and responsibilities they may have at home gives clients the opportunity to focus 100% on their recovery. It also gives clients a break from their every day environment, which in some cases can be toxic to their recovery. Getting away from old habits, routines and using buddies gives clients a chance to reflect on the changes they need to make in order to protect their sobriety.

Going to an inpatient treatment facility provides clients with more time to work on their recovery throughout the day. Many inpatient treatment facilities will have clients involved in multiple therapy sessions, activities and workshops throughout the day, giving them more time to work on their recovery than they would get at an outpatient treatment facility. Inpatient treatment facilities may provide any combination of approaches to recovery including individual therapy, group therapy, specialty group therapy, recreational therapy, psychiatric services, 12-step meetings, meditation and spirituality workshops and more. Depending on the inpatient treatment facility, they may also offer workshops and classes to help prepare clients for the transition back into independent living. These classes can include anything from budgeting and job search skills, to nutrition and fitness classes.

Inpatient treatment facilities are the foundation for long-term recovery. Inpatient treatment facilities run programs that can last anywhere from 30 days to 90 days and even longer depending on the client and their needs. The longer-term programs generally provide multiple levels of care for clients to progress through, gradually regaining their independence. Attending an inpatient treatment facility also allows time for clients to work on not only addiction, but also the issues surrounding addiction. For example, inpatient treatment facilities can offer dual diagnosis for clients that are suffering from both addiction as well as a mental health disorder. Mental health disorders most often seen in dual diagnosis inpatient treatment facilities include eating disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and more. Treating these issues while a client is in an inpatient treatment facility greatly decreases their chance for relapse due to self-medicating.

FHE Health is an inpatient treatment facility located in Deerfield Beach, Florida. We provide a continuum of care spanning multiple levels including detox, inpatient care, partial hospitalization, outpatient care, sober living and aftercare. Our specialized care programs include dual diagnosis, gender specific care, a professionals program and a family outreach program. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction please call us now for more information. We are available 24-hours a day to answer any questions you may have regarding our program and how we can help you or your loved one get back to the happy, healthy lifestyle you deserve. Please call us now at (844) 299-0618 for more information.

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