I’m blessed

Every so often a teacher appears on our lives to teach us great lessons about not only recovery but also about life. That person for me was a man from Texas. I recently got to speak at his treatment enter. I could remember out phone talk when he would share his vision with me and how he hoped it would come to fruition.

During the visit I was able to reflect on the rich lessons I was given for fun and for free, with no appointment needed and my time wasn’t up short t of an hour.

I was able to once again be reminded of the wonderful lineage I belong to and my responsibility to uphold the lessons and carry (if you will) the torch. My sponsor went home to God several years ago but his legacy still continues as many of us shared our stories about him with each other.

I was also reminded of the precious relationship s I have currently and the relationships we all have and how precious they are, which we sadly don’t realize until they are gone.

We live in a world of impermanence and it’s something I need to be mindful of. Not to walk in fear that this person or that person is going to leave, but to embrace the relationships and bring my best to them. A prayer I have prayed has been God show me what relationships to have and how to have them. I then bring all God has given me to them and leave the results to Him, who has all

Knowledge and Power.
My sponsor and my teacher was Mark H from Texas. He changed the lives of many forever. He certainly did this for me.
I am blessed to have known him in such a way I did. Through him I was able to have relationships with men like Garry B., Don P. and Joe H. These men were heroes for me and teachers always.

You see the spiritual life makes no sense to the thinking mind. I a kid form the northeast that ran the streets as an alcoholic without care for anyone during active addition and God rewards me in sobriety with abundance.

“Seek the Kingdom of God and all will be added unto you”

How true these words are. Today I give freely; as I was taught have a life of service.
I am blessed and God always reminds of this in His very special way.
How bout sobriety!
How bout God!

Chop wood, carry water

"Peter Marinelli Director of Sober Living "

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