I Can’t Understand by Peter Marinelli

I Can’t Understand by Peter Marinelli

Just about everyone can agree that healthcare in our great nation is awful. Americans work hard their entire life to find out that when they need assistance from an insurance company to which they have been paying premiums, the insurance companies dictate how little they are going to help. What is worse is that many Americans can’t even afford health insurance.

Quite frankly when the term “Organized Crime” is mentioned I think of this topic rather than to what “Organized Crime” is usually referring too.

On this note on the lack of healthcare, how about the lack of discussion that goes on when it comes to treating men and women who suffer from addiction

How is that someone who is suffering from a fatal illness like addiction, cannot get their insurance company to absorb the cost passed the usual 30 days?

Further they will usually get only two treatment stays out of their insurance policy. What then happens is the I usually experience. A phone call  from the sufferer begging for help but doesn’t have his or her insurance company to absorb the cost for another stay in treatment, or is out of resources to pay for their own.

Some insurance companies offer something called IOP. Intensive outpatient program, whereby the full blown addict or alcoholic goes to class during the day to learn about addiction an attend groups with other sufferers, then goes home!

You see it’s more cost effective for the insurance company to pay for this, then to put someone in treatment for an extended period. As usual the only thing insurance companies are worried about is money.

Where are our politicians!

Why wouldn’t someone being entitled to proper treatment from a fatal illness, weather they have insurance or not. Weather they have resources or not.  I can’t understand this.

Our youth is being destroyed by addiction and we can’t offer the proper help in keeping them in treatment for at least 90 days.

The world of addiction is considered dirty and not a popular topic for the powers that be to discuss, and perhaps still looked upon as some sort of moral weakness, and many still think the addict and alcoholic can just say no!

I pray that one day everyone is this great nation will never have to worry about how they are going to pay for healthcare. It should be a non- issue, if the leaders of our country were really “trusted servants”


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

FHE Health

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