Hypocrisy! by Peter Marinelli

Thoughts on the Boston Marathon Bombing by Peter Marinelli

As I like many of us watched the tragedy in Boston this last week, again I have to wonder why?

Why do some folks still believe that violence and harming innocent people is the remedy to their problem?

Over and over we see people killing people and wonder how and why?

Here is something to consider. How often do we argue and fight with our loved ones?

How often to fight and argue with our family members, and even seek revenge?

How often do we argue and fight with our neighbor or business acquaintances and seek revenge?

And in some instances resort to violence, whether it is fisticuffs and damaging someone’s property in order to get revenge or make our point. We have seen this over the abortion issue and the civil rights movement (where the powers that be resorted to violence to keep others down), gay marriage ect.

Is this not as evil and damaging as someone blowing up a building. It all starts in how each individual seeks out solutions to our problems.

Does the commandment “Love thy neighbor as thyself” ring a bell? Because that where it all starts. It is this writer’s humble opinion, as I grew up in an era, where a family ate together and prayed together, and God was not only in the homes but in the schools. Yet all seem to be missing from a now pagan culture and things seem to have rum amok. Why is acceptable to give the mad bombers their civil liberties, but mention God in a government office atmosphere or in schools and suddenly protesting breaks out?

Our society has been corrupted and quite frankly is hypocrisy at its highest level. Have you noticed how unpopular it is to be a Christian now a days and God forbid you mention the name Jesus?

However we will give liberty’s to people who want to destroy others.

Perhaps we all to think about how we are treating each other during our days, and in our personal affairs.

I cannot count the number of young people who when asked what is your religion, they tell me they don’t have one or they don’t know. Why and how did this happen?

Now I’m not saying one has to become religious, but have you noticed most folks who have a relationship with a God (obviously not like the fanatic terrorists) aren’t a detriment to society?

It’s a wakeup call-again for our society our county which we proudly claim is the greatest nation in the world. One who wouldn’t allow people to freely talk of their God without t retribution?

Bless the heroes in Boston who risked their lives to save others and prayers for the victims of another senseless crime on our society

How did happen?

Why is it being allowed!


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli 

"Peter Marinelli Director of Sober Living "

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