How To Tell Your Parents You Need Help

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There’s nothing scarier than confessing to your parents that you have a problem with addiction to drugs and alcohol, that you need to find help through a medically supervised alcohol detox program and drug detox facility, and that you desperately  need them to support you instead of angry with you. Parents want to see you well cared for, safe and confident in your future. When you’re not following a lifestyle leading to those things they may express their objections. Let me tell you a secret. Even though it feels this terrifying, the most likely outcome is that your parents will indeed be supportive, and loving, and proud of you for the courage it takes to face addiction to drugs or addiction to alcohol and to start on the the road to recovery through a medical detox program and by finding the best rehab facility for you. Here are some tips about how to make the conversation easier and less intimidating.


  1. Preparing for talking with your parents beforehand can help you have the confidence to start the conversation. Broaching the subject is the hardest part. The most difficult part of telling your folks you’ve got an addiction is the anticipation before the conversation. If you take some time before sitting down with them to write down your thoughts it can help you get the conversation going. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is find the right words at just the right time in the moment. Preparing beforehand in this way can give you a sense of control. It will also help you explain yourself and your positions as you want to, with clarity and honesty.
  2. Go sober. Be sure to be sober for the conversation. If you can help it don’t let your drug addiction or alcohol addiction take control and lead you to getting high or drunk before talking to your parents. The likelihood the conversation will be productive, even rewarding or comforting, goes up one hundred fold when you show how serious you are by showing up as sober as you can. You’ve got this.
  3. Make it clear and honest. Be upfront and transparent with your parents. Let them know that you are asking for their love and encouragement while you walk the long road to . That you need them in your corner. Expressing this kind of vulnerability and need can be extremely uncomfortable, but your pride will only invade and take over any chance of healing. Allow yourself the raw space of honesty with your parents, and it is very likely they will support you and love you through it all.

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