How to Support Your Teenager in The Face of Addiction

Teenage addiction is such a hard issue to face. For both the young adult in question and the parent or guardian. Teenagers are facing just as many societal pressures, if not more, as adults are. They are staring down the hurdle of post high school success, whether to them that means getting into a great college with just the right degree program, or starting a career right out of the gates, the idea of starting from scratch, which many will be doing, can feel terrifying.


Not Always Rebellion

Drug and alcohol addiction in teenagers is not solely a problem of the rebellious rule breakers, but is very often a way that ambitious teens find a way calm the anxiety of not succeeding. As they stay up late at night they may turn to drugs like adderall to study harder and longer. As they get anxious about college applications they may find themselves indulging in opioids or marijuana. When there’s reason to celebrate, like during prom or after sports events or graduation they may turn to alcohol like so many adults do. The younger kids start taking drugs and alcohol the more likely they are to become heavily addicted, and every kid is vulnerable.


The Trouble of Availability

Drug and alcohol availability has become widespread in schools across the nation and we are seeing addiction numbers fluctuate with that availability. The best way to help the young adult in your life deal with the expectations and challenges of living as a teenager in this day in age is to help them learn about healthy ways to deal with stress. Start with opening up honest and compassionate conversation. Be careful to show support and listen to their frustrations. Nothing is going to make them run to substance abuse quicker than rejection and loneliness. Be an advocate for your teen’s wellbeing by being willing to talk with them about addiction, their stresses, and by showing vulnerability and honesty in your conversation.

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